Surveillance Solutions

The use of video surveillance by companies has exploded in recent years. As technology has evolved and costs have fallen dramatically, video surveillance is increasingly accessible to a large range of organizations.

Dangers to your business and employees range from the financial to the physical. Companies use cameras in hopes of deterring thefts, detecting vandalism, increasing security and identifying suspects. Although privacy issues can create some controversy, using surveillance in your business may sometimes be a necessity.

Surveillance Can:

Reduce Theft

Theft remains a major issue to business, there could be as many as 275 million incidents of retail theft globally each year, reports Matt Pillar at Integrated Solutions for Retailers but only an estimated 1 in 46 arrests are ever made in connection with those thefts.

More concerning, however, is the fact that about 1/6 of those arrested, about 1 million total, are employees. Non-retail businesses also face the threat of theft. This includes everything from theft of company property to theft of intellectual property.

Improve Workplace Safety, Curb Sexual Harassment And Violence

Increasingly, attacks, robberies, violence, workplace mishaps, other workplace safety issues, associated liabilities and damages provide motivation for employers to monitor the workplace. Besides being motivated by a concern for your employees’ well being, you should be concerned about how sexual harassment, workplace violence, and workplace mishaps can adversely affect your company’s financial status, morale and even productivity.

The use of surveillance in the workplace can discourage such incidents from ever starting, if employees know their actions are being watched. At the very least it will allow your company to provide adequate information to law enforcement after an event has occurred. It can also help your company to protect itself from law enforcement penalties and lawsuits.

Improve Operations, Productivity and Profits

The presence of surveillance cameras can make employees more aware of how their time is spent. And better employee productivity is a key driver of your business’ performance and profitability. It’s your business. You have the right to protect it. You also have the right to record what happens on your premises, within certain legal and ethical boundaries. With a few simple precautions, workers can safeguard their personal privacy on the job, and employers can better protect their businesses, customers and the people who work there.

Electronic surveillance of employees allows managers to spend less time monitoring and more time in other more productive ways. It can also prevent managers from ducking out of their responsibilities, prevent employees from giving away free products to friends or family or taking multiple smoking breaks or texting instead of working. According to a Bloomberg Business report, surveillance of employees can actually boost productivity and profits.

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